Colors and Styles

From colors, to style and specifications, how your Nera looks and feels is completely up to you.

Oticon hearing devices are designed to hold up no matter what the situation. Nera RITE and BTE instruments utilize the proven mechancal design that features multiple seals to prevent water, dust and debris from getting inside. Our Nera RITE and BTE instruments are all nanocoated to repel water and moisture and our rigorous testing ensures ruggedness and water resistance - earning all our BTE and RITE devices a IP57 classification.

Nera utilizes the miniRITE recievers, mold solutions and dome options. The miniFit system increases fitting flexibility and improves comfort and listening performance.

In designing this new line of receivers, domes and molds, Oticon has used the latest design technology for even better reliability, sound quality, wax protection, fitting range, physical fit in the ear canal and strength of the dome attachment.

Every receiver in the miniFit line is a unique balance of size, shape and fitting range, giving you a new level of flexibility in achieving a great fit. Your find that Nera RITE instruments are discreet, comfortable and easy to personalize. Nera comes in a wide range of behind-the-ear and RITE styles - with a color palette to suit your patient's individual taste.

miniRite RITE

Improving sound quality and listening comfort, our new generation of receiver-in-the-ear fittings, called miniFit, set new standards in performance, physical fit and reliability.

miniFit Receivers and Ear Pieces



Corda miniFit
miniFit now also includes a new generation of Corda (thin tube) coupling options for expanded BTE and miniBTE fitting options.

Corda miniFit Ear pieces Corda Power miniFit Ear pieces

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